Trio Dumas

Trio Dumas


photo by Ors Koszeghy

When the members of our trio first met, we had all crossed the borders of our countries, cultures, even continents. Upon doing so we discovered an enormous variety of traditions. We aim to share this richness of variety through our playing by bringing a fresh perspective to the conventional repertoire, while also presenting newer and less frequently performed works.

The repertoire for string trio is by itself considerable, but in no way unlimited. Because of this, we wish to present ourselves not only as a string trio, but as soloists and in duo combinations as well. We aim to include a variety of musical styles, reaching from the late baroque to our present day, and also place a strong emphasis on music from our respective parts of the world.

There are of course certain facets in the repertoire that we are particularly dedicated to. Firstly, all of us are deeply committed to playing music written in the 20th and 21st centuries. Furthermore, we wish to promote composers from mid-eastern Europe whom we believe never gained full recognition in the west, as well as bringing western modern music closer to mid-eastern European audiences. For this purpose we design some of our programs to concepts with the purpose of presenting these lesser-known pieces in their historical context.

In these ways our trio intends to celebrate the differences in our cultures and to bridge the gaps between them - much in the same way as we bring our individual qualities into ensemble-playing.

Joseph Puglia - violin
Chaim Steller - viola
Örs Köszeghy - cello